The Black Knight Satellite

Since at least 1960, both the US and Russia have been aware of a strange black object orbiting the earth. This is no hoax. NASA has photos of it on their website. The official story is that it is “space debris” but the few experts willing to comment on it admit that it is too large (estimated at 15 tons) and moving too fast to be anything we or our Soviet competitors could put into space back then. Moreover, its polar orbit was not yet achievable by us when it was first observed. Frank Judson of the Adler Planetarium was quoted as saying “the object doesn’t even have the decency to maintain a regular schedule, like any other heavenly or man made object I’ve ever seen.” All sorts of theories have developed around the unidentified object, from making it the source of the mysterious radio transmissions received by Nikola Tesla in 1899 to blaming it for the UFO “hallucination” that astronaut Gordon Cooper experienced in 1963. All we know for certain is that it is up there, and no one can or will say precisely what it is.