Myrtle Corbin

Born 1868 in Lincoln County, Tennessee, Myrtle Corbin remains the most well-known case of a human dipygus, a type of congenital deformity in which the body forks partway down the torso and creates two distinct pelvises and sets of legs. In meaner times, such cases were called “teras catadidymum” or “monster twinned below.” Contrary to appearances, each normal sized outer leg was paired with an underdeveloped inner one. Myrtle could move all four of her legs, but only walk well on one, due to the additional misfortune of a club foot. Thanks to a long career working for P.T. Barnum, Ringling Bros., and Coney Island, Myrtle became relatively famous and not only for her deformity. Those who knew her described her as intelligent, capable, and “gentle of disposition.”  Less well known is the fact that she married a doctor at 19, had two functioning vaginas and uteri, and went on to birth five children–three from one set of organs, and two from the other.