The Kecksburg Acorn

TR Kecksburg UFO 080711December 5, 1965. A UFO is spotted by several hundred eyewitnesses and tracked via radar as it flies over Canada, Michigan, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. Those who see it describe it variously as an acorn-shaped craft or a green fireball. Some say it careened out of control, others that it maneuvered and turned mid air. Whatever the case, it crashed down in the woods near Kecksburg, PA. A number of local residents rushed into the forest to see what it was. Fireman James Romansky said he saw a craft with hieroglyphs around a bottom ring. Frances Kalp, who first phoned in the crash to a local radio station, said she saw a five-pointed star. John Murphy, the local DJ who took Kalp’s call, snapped at least one photo before police arrived, quickly removed the onlookers and sealed off the area. When they finally emerged from the woods, their official statement to the press was that “absolutely nothing was found.” Nonetheless, they handed off the investigation of the incident to the US Military. Locals recall a heavy army presence and something being hauled off on a flatbed truck. The Air Force and certain astronomers eventually said it was a meteor. In 2005, NASA released a new official statement saying they had studied material found on the crash site and determined it was debris from an errant Soviet satellite. Unfortunately, that material and their case files have somehow gone missing. The claim contradicts an earlier statement by NASA’s Chief Scientist for Orbital Debris saying “I can tell you categorically, that there is no way that any debris from Kosmos 96 could have landed in Pennsylvania.” So what about John Murphy and his supposed photograph? Murphy, who also conducted interviews that night, was forced to censor his eventual radio broadcast, but he never forgot what happened or accepted the official story. Four years later Murphy was killed in an unsolved hit-and-run accident. His widow says the military confiscated his camera and told him to keep quiet. If that sounds a little far fetched, keep in mind that Project Bluebook‘s report on the incident indicates a photo was taken of the UFO but neglects to include it or name its source.

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