The Ezekiel Box

ezekiel1Today’s artifact comes to us by way of a curiously understated post on Imgur. A user there by the name of TramStopDan2 prefaced it by saying a friend of his found a large wooden box by the side of the road in Asheville, NC sometime in 2008. Inside was a gloriously weird collection of drawings, texts, and maps which document the lifelong obsession of a man named Daniel S. Christiansen with the Old Testament story of Ezekiel’s vision of God’s chariot (a critical text in Jewish mysticism and mainstay of Ancient Aliens proponents). The texts are arcane and tinged with more than a dash of Toynbee Tile mania, but most of the drawings display a mindbogglingly high degree of talent and technical sophistication–some of them even draft viable designs for advanced engine parts. Subsequent investigation proved that a man by that name actually existed, and that he witnessed something in 1977 that changed his life forever. But whether this “Box of Crazy” (as the Internets have dubbed it) documents an authentic UFO sighting, prophetic echoes of Ezekiel, an elaborate hoax, or merely the secret fixations of a brilliant loon is anyone’s guess. The whole thing puts in mind a quote by William Blake, the visionary poet and artist: “I was walking among the fires of Hell, delighted with the enjoyments of Genius; which to Angels look like torment and insanity.”

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